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Selecting a ring that fits you or your loved one comfortably and accurately is vital. At Kalor Jewels, we're here to guide you through this process seamlessly.

Professional Assistance

For the most precise fit, consider having your finger measured by a professional jeweler. If you're near Surat, our experienced jewelers at Kalor Jewels would be more than happy to assist you in finding your accurate ring size. A well-fitted ring should slide smoothly over your knuckle and stay firm on your finger without spinning.

Surprise Proposals

Planning to pop the question unexpectedly? Requesting the help of a close friend or family member of your partner can often provide a good estimate of the ring size. It's a surprise many are thrilled to be part of!


DIY Ring Sizing

In a rush? Utilize our handy printable ring sizer. Make sure your printer settings are set to 100% scale for an accurate printout. Adhere to the instructions with precision for a close estimation of your ring size. However, we still recommend an in-person measurement for utmost accuracy.

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Confirm Your Size

To double-check your size before ordering your chosen ring, consider our silver band trial offer. For US$10, we'll send you a silver band in your estimated size. Wear it for several days to confirm the comfort and fit. When you're ready to order your final ring selection, we'll refund the US$10.



Resizing Policy

At Kalor Jewels, most of our rings are uniquely crafted to order. We aim to get the size right the first time. Nevertheless, we understand that sizing can be challenging, especially for surprise proposals.

We offer a one-time complimentary resizing. However, you'll be responsible for returning the ring to our facility and covering the US$75 shipping fee for the resized ring.

Remember, certain designs, such as our eternity rings, aren't resizable. Some rings can only be resized within a limited range. Excessive resizing may compromise the integrity of the diamonds on the band. Hence, try to find the accurate ring size before placing your order.

Helpful Tips

For the best results, measure your ring size multiple times at different periods of the day. Finger sizes can vary due to weather, temperature, and physical activities. Avoid measuring when your fingers might be swollen or contracted.